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Ningbo Verykind Medical Device Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Verykind Medical Device Co., Ltd. is established in the year 2012 as a fully capitalized subsidiary company of NINGBO DAVID MEDICAL DEVICE CO., LTD.(Stock code: 300314) which is located in the high-zone of Ningbo China. The company is dedicated to providing the Research, Manufacturing, Marketing and Service of mechanical surgery and minimally invasive surgery related products, and it is committed to providing the advanced solutions of minimally invasive surgery for clinical surgeons.

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Product ApplicationInternational leading core technologyGeneral Thoracic Surgery, gastrointestinal surgery and colorectal surgery or Minimally invasive surgery

Service SupportGood quality and quantityProvide high quality products and service, create the biggest value investing.

Join UsHarmonious developmentBased on character selection, competition and ability training, provides employees with a powerful way to rise.

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Right exploratory(VATS)2021.05.25

Left and right exploratory(VATS)2021.05.17

Laparoscopic gastric bypass2021.05.14


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